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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don’t Look Back

Some Book May Be Gaining on You (to paraphrase Satchel Paige).

When reading a story, notice how the author paces you through the plot. Good pacing tends to behave like a symphony. At the beginning of the story, the author sets a certain pace. It could be fast or slow or somewhere in between. As you move through the story, notice that it picks up speed or slows down at times.

The fast pace emphasizes or highlights the danger and action of the plot. It tends to keep you reading and interested. The author slows the pace down to stress character and scene. When it’s time for romance, the author slows the story down so you can take it in. This slowing down and speeding up helps you enjoy reading the story. The slower moments allow you to mentally catch your breath by giving you a pause or time to internalize what is happening. During the fast scenes, the author builds excitement with an emphasis on the action and what the action means for the story.

Hags is fast-paced action from the get-go so it's more like rock and roll than a symphony. You can read a healthy chunk of it free by clicking on the book cover icon after you click over to Amazon. Available for your Kindle reader by clicking here.  The paperback version is available by clicking here.

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Here’s another novel idea…
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