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Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet Micah Probert

As a young man, Micah Probert is found guilty of committing a horrible crime for which he is sentenced to a lengthy prison term. Like many prisoners, he protests his innocence to no avail. After his release, he cares for his dying father. Micah inherits his father’s fortune and returns to his home town on a quest to clear his name and discover his purpose in life. My new novel, Hags, begins on Micah’s first night back in Naperville, Illinois.

From the outset, life works against Micah in his quest of self-discovery. He confronts evil forces beyond his imagining. The dark horror thriller pits Micah and his new-found friends against these evil powers in a battle for the heart, soul and mind of a city.

The evil cabal arrayed against Micah includes a serial killer, a hag who keeps her youth by means of human sacrifice, a demon masquerading as a philanthropist, and a bunch of minor horrors.

As if the evil mounted against him isn’t bad enough, a hidden danger lurks in Micah’s life in the form of a second hag. Can Micah discover her existence before it’s too late?

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