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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What does an unwed pregnant teenager say to her father?

The Christmas Story As Never Told Before

Like many others, you may be curious about what life was like for Mary, Joseph and the other people mentioned in the Christmas story. What did Mary say to her parents when she became pregnant with Jesus? How did her parents react?

What was it like for Joseph to be told his fiance was pregnant when he thought she was a virgin? How did it make him feel? He was in love with her and then she announced she was to have a baby.

Did anyone believe Mary when she said that God himself was the baby’s father? Or did her friends and family accuse her of blasphemy?

We may never know exactly what Mary said or did when she became pregnant other than what you can read in the Gospel account. But if we keep in mind that she was a real person, not a plaster saint, but flesh and blood, then you can begin to imagine that she wasn’t much different than any modern teenager. Can you imagine Mary after the angel’s visit as it sinks in that she is pregnant and unmarried? What will she say to her mother? How will her dad react? And remember, first century rules apply, including a death sentence for women who commit the sin of fornication.

While we’re on the subject of Mary and the birth of Jesus Christ, what do you suppose Satan was thinking about when he found out God chose Mary to become the mother of Jesus?

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