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Friday, March 11, 2011

Introducing myself -- again

Okay, blog, you're about to see a lot more action as I update you with much greater frequency. To kick off my new commitment, here's a re-introduction based on a form Peg Brantley sent to our ACFW suspense writers loop...

Name: Paul R. Lloyd
Where You're From: Warrenville, Illinois -- a suburb of Chicago
Favorite Suspense Authors: Dean Koontz, Travis Thrasher, classic mystery writers like Dorothy L. Sayers, Dashiell Hammett (The Maltese Falcon) and Raymond Chandler ("He wrote like a slumming angel..."). The quote is from Ross Macdonald whose work I can't seem to find anymore. Mickey Spillane who wrote in a style similar to my own (no ego here, right? :-). I recently rediscovered Stephen King after a long absence and have enjoyed his work. J.A. Konrath understands the use of the hook and a well-placed joke. A fairly new author is John Galligan who writes the Fly Fishing Mystery series. He spins a good yarn. I'm a big Brit mystery fan. Julian Barnes is a hoot. Read him carefully and he'll teach you how to switch POV in mid-paragraph and make it work. He's a master at the craft. England, England is one of his books. Neil Gaiman is a joy. Thomas Phillips (The Molech Prophecy) was in my online writer's group for a time. He is an excellent wordsmith.
What you're reading now: Just finished Paranormal America which is a sociology study of the paranormal community in America. Very informative reading for thriller authors. Like what percentage of big foot devotees believe in other paranormal events?
Published or Pre-published? Pre. My wife and I own a marketing business and self-publish books -- our own and for other authors. Planning to self-publish a thriller later this year for the Christmas market. Think Stephan King visits Bethlehem or What was Satan doing while God was going about the business of sending his son to save the world? I have several non-fiction books self-published. And an e-book of mystery short stories.
How many manuscripts have you written?: Fiction: Five. One is publishing ready. Another will be ready very soon. The others are waiting patiently for editing.
What are you working on now?: FULFILLMENT. It's the Christmas suspense novel. I'm finishing an extensive editing process I go through with my novels. We'll be testing some online marketing techniques we've been learning. Should be interesting. Stay tuned.
Where you can find me online:
Linked In (I accept all invites to connect):
Twitter: PaulRLloyd


  1. Nice intro, Paul ;-) I hate to admit it, but I'm not a big blog reader . . . however, I'll pop in from time to time to see what's going on.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Peg. I'm not big blog reader either. I signed up for Google Reader and have all the blogs I follow show up there in one place. I visit my Reader place about once or twice a month and then catch up on the blogs. Helps me keep up with my writer friends and Seth Godin who has amazing things to say about marketing, business in general and publishing in particular. I'll be visiting your blog from there.