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Friday, April 17, 2009

Am I There Yet?

Where am I? I completed the forms and hit Finish. Oh, this must be it. That was fast. It’s so big. And so many tiny lights flashing and swirling around. But what else can it be? It has to be the blogosphere!

Ahem. Here I go. Blogging…

Welcome to my blog…

No, much too formal. Need something simpler…


No, that’s just silly. I know. I’ll type.

Hi! Welcome to Paul R. Lloyd’s blog. This is the place where I’ll be writing about…

Yes, that’s just it, isn’t it? What am I going to talk about? What do people say on their blogs? Most seem like self-centered blogocrap.

Did I just invent a new word?

Great. I’m as egotistical as all the other bloggers out there in cyberland.

Did I just invent another word?

Shut up and say something.

Okay. This is one tiny step for a person and one tiny step for… well, me.

I will be talking about my writing on this blog, fiction mostly. I write what I’ve taken to calling “Literary Suspense.” My heart is in literary fiction, but every time I write a novel, I end up with murder, mayhem and things that … you know… go knocking about when it’s dark outside. So I’ve decided to embrace the suspense side of my soul while keeping true to the literary tradition.

What literary tradition? Glad you asked. Well, the short answer is the one that says that having a plot is a good thing, but the real story is in the other stuff. I’ll talk about this more in the future.

I also write nonfiction. My first nonfiction book is… Ta-da…

Plant What Others Throw Away: Career and Life Lessons in Ordinary Objects

Who came up with that title?

Anyway, it’s a commercial paperback to be released May 2009.

Available at Well, duh.

Here’s how we’re describing the book on the back cover…

“How do you achieve success in the business world, provide for your family and honor God all at the same time? Using ordinary, everyday objects, Paul R. Lloyd shows how a proper view of success allows you to live in balance with God’s call on your heart as well as your need to earn an income. Using Bible-based principles, Paul walks you through a seven step process that will lead you to a better life.”

My amazing critique partner, Amy Barkman, says this about my book…

"… a great motivational and encouraging tool for people in any kind of enterprise, whether it be business or ministry. The symbols make the messages memorable. I could see it influencing my own goals in life as I read. I recommend it as something to be studied over and over."

Amy Barkman, Director of Voice of Joy Ministries, and Pastor of Mortonsville United Methodist Church, both located in Kentucky

Yes. Well said, Amy. Thank you.

Oh, I almost forgot…

I am available to ghost write and edit books so pop me an email if you want to know more about that.

And I write copy for the business world through Zuk-Lloyd Associates, Inc. You can learn more about how we turn ordinary business information into extraordinary stories by visiting our website –

But enough about me for the moment. I understand you can leave all sorts of comments below. Go on. Don’t be shy. Oh, and don’t be smutty about it either. There are ladies about.